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On October 15th, 1966 the London Film-Maker’s Co-op, then only 2 days old, staged its first event. The launch of International Times at the famous UFO Club in the Roundhouse, this was an all-night odessy into London’s counter-culture, a crossing point of disciplines ranging from structural film to music and performance art.

On October 15th 2015, in the run-up to the 60th Anniversary of the London Film-Maker’s Co-op, we stage an all-nighter in the place where the ideals of ’66 are still active in a photochemical film production space housing much of the film co-op’s original equipment.

Co-operative working models remain active today in the arts, and are now being reimagined at disciplinary crossing points, moving us to consider more the possibilities of COLLECTIVE practices.

This is what we choose to celebrate  – in raising a glass to our grassroots, and digging back down to bring new takes on art practice to the fore. The future is uncertain, but we feel sure it is TOGETHER.

This is an open call for film, performance, intervention, WHATEVER, that has come about or is staged as part of a collective practice between individuals.

Please send queries/ expressions of interest and links/ images/ descriptions to